STRATEGIC FIL M MARKETING is the international film marketing company founded in 1993 and run by John Durie.

On this website you will find examples of current and past poster and trailer work - which have been produced from conception through to final delivery - although film marketing is much more than just these two important message senders (see Manifesto).

Durie has worked on over 650 feature films from around the world - both feature and documentaries from established and what are now considered iconic film makers to first time directors.

The company works on between 12 to 15 feature films per year, primarily within Europe.

John Durie is one of the industry's leading film marketeers providing practical film marketing strategies and support to European film institutes, their producers, directors and distributors. The focus is on positioning films - establishing the target audiences and producing a strategic plan, time line and key marketing materials - trailers, posters, written material, copy lines, stills and digital strategy.

Durie also handles marketing and strategy for selected corporate clients and having pioneered and ran for 15 years the Strategic Film Marketing Workshop continues to present film marketing producer workshops around the world.

John Durie is based in London and Cannes.